Tuesday, August 10, 2010

NC vs Childhood Obesity

Hey guys! While interval training on the treadmill this morning I caught some of the morning news! I love watching the morning news [when there's time]; it keeps me on top of the latest nutrition trends, news and always changing guidelines! I like to think that I can deliever my viewers the most current news before anyone else! Check out the latest and greatest...especially interesting  for those of you who reside in the great state on North Carolina : )

North Carolina is cracking down on nutrition guidelines in child care centers in hopes to tackle the childhood obesity epidemic. Some of the newly appointed guidelines include:
- Limiting/ prohibiting sweetened beverages
- Limiting/ prohibiting whole milk (children 2 years of age and older)
- Limiting/ prohibiting  more than 6 oz. juice (recommended serving size is 4 oz)
- Limiting/ prohibiting juice from a bottle

For more, see the link below:
NC vs Childhood Obesity

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