Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Nutrition in the News: Take 2

Hey guys! Great news coming your way [all the way] from NC!
So, remember back in March when I mentioned...
"Congress is pushing for chain restaurants to post nutritional information on menu boards in order for patrons to make informed dietary choices at point of purchase. Similar laws have already taken place in states like California and New York...soon it will be nationally mandated.

Well, one of my favorite dining-out spots is taking it upon themselves to voluntarily post nutritional information on menu boards. Start looking for it..."
What's more, my local, franchised Panera has taken the plunge- they've posted the nutrition information! Tonight was one of those night's where I just didn't feel like cooking; I had just left the gym and wanted to catch something, healthy but quick...so of course, I chose Panera (duh)!
I was more than pleased (I had a sly grin from ear-to-ear) to see this in effect in my town! I loved knowing that I was picking choices that were low in calories so I wasn't ruining all my hard work I had just completed at the gym! It definitely reminded me to make an informed dietary choice : )

Has your local Panera taken the plunge? Would seeing the caloric count of your favorite dishes sway your dinner decision?

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  1. i love panera!!! I honestly dont think seeing the calorie count of my favorite dish would sway me from my dinner decisions! I allow myself to eat whatever I want.... moderation is the key!