Friday, November 12, 2010


Good afternoon- enjoying the fall weather here in Maryland! I come to you with a quick [kitchen] tip!

Last night Mom and I were preparing dinner (well, she was and I watched); while making dinner we ran into quite the conflict...the rolling pin was missing- [we were pin-less]! This was obviously an important tool for the evening as we needed to roll out some pastry dough. Good thing she had her Smart Snacker watching over her shoulder....I present to you, my quick fix tip...

My quick pin-less tip...a glass! It works just as well as the real thing [if not better]! Using other household items like this glass, for different uses was like having a, total Real Simple moment  ;)
Have you had a "Real Simple Moment," and put an everyday household item to good use?

Enjoy your Friday! This weekend brings birthday celebrations...wait until you see my "Birthday Cake!"

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