Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Can you believe I missed Smart Snacker's Snackiversary!? It was a year ago on November 5th that I started Smart Snacker!  It has been an interesting year of blog page face lifts, over 100 posts, lots of tips, tricks and products, tons of support from you guys and my life in a nut shell! If your a longtime reader you also know that when this blog was started there were two of us and along the way I have lost my side kick but nonetheless, I stuck it out and I am glad to have done so! So...thank you readers for all of your support, without you I'd be writing to myself!? :)

How could I forget the Snackiversary? I know your wondering...well, only because I was at the single most important conference of my profession...the Annual American Dietetic Association Food and Nutrition Conference and Expo [can you blame a gal]!? At the conference I saw/met tons of nutrition "super stars," attended some awesome seminars and ate my way through the expo, all while getting a taste of the great city of Boston, MA!
Boston at Night.

At the expo I tried every type of gluten free product on the market, vegan cheese, protein bars, hemp and almond milks, Greek yogurts, cheeses, frozen yogurts, ensure nutrition supplement ice cream and frapp and the list goes on! It was easily my favorite part!
The Expo.

I have another trip coming up this weekend and it may or may not involve traveling, Georgetown cupcakes, good friends and [more] fabulous food ; )

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  1. Are non-intellectual posts allowed on your blog? If so, I <3 you. :]