Thursday, April 1, 2010

Free Ticket to Healthy Eating…While Dining out!

Yes, I said it...healthy eating while dining out! Heres how...

The work has been done for you all you have to do is enforce it! Your area dietitians (RDs) have been working hard to provide you with the right tools to make informed dietary choices when dining out!

"Healthy Dining Finder" is a database online that has "dietitian-approved menu items" at your local restaurants. Simply enter your city, state and budget and with the click of the [enter] button you have endless options at your finger-tips!
(Thank you to my fellow Dietetic Intern/ Classmate (Ashley) whom brought this to my attention)

-->Now as you'll search be mindful of the suggested serving sizes; ie. I saw PF. Changs (one of my favorites) has a lot of their dishes that are "approved" however, they say that it serves a whopping 5 servings but only 1 serving is approved!

Check it out and let me know what you think...?

Tonight I am going to California Pizza Kitchen with a friend, for a girl's night out! You better believe I have already researched the nutritional information and have decided to go with one of their "Small Cravings" dishes.
These dishes are new, sort of like a tapas theme. I'm diggin' it because otherwise I would be dipping into some extremely caloric entrees and salads!
The mediterranean plate is what I am eyeing...What do you think?

It has 398 calories and 3 gm of fiber although, it sure does have a load of sodium (827 mg).

My philosophy is if I am preparing for this sodium-laden meal later in the day, I will just watch my sodium throughout the day to make sure I am at an appropriate level to take on this 827 mg.

CPK Nutrition Source

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