Thursday, September 30, 2010

Quick [lunch & money saving] Tip!

Smart Snacker meets Football Stadium--

Remember this gal from my Navigation series? She's Back!

Over the weekend I went to a NFL game. As a certified Smart Snacker I am always looking for great ways to eat healthy but still live my life and have fun! I know some of the reasons we go to stadiums are for the food but this time I wanted to save some loot; I had recently gone grocery shopping and wasn't feeling the stadium grub. So, I decided to throw together some sandwiches for the football junkies!

Barney Butter and Crofters Jam Sandwiches on Great Harvet Honey Whole Wheat
And for those not too fond of the AB&J...Turkey and Cheese on rolls
By bringing sandwiches, we saved on money, knew exactly what was in our food (regarding preservatives, blaah) and it was healthier than the stadium eats.

Of course, my crowd still wanted to get some sort of snack (peanuts/ cracker jacks, etc) but thankfully they were the more wallet-friendly picks and everyone didn't need their own because believe it or not, the sandwiches made a dent!

I managed to have a blast and still keep my waist line in check!

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