Saturday, October 2, 2010


Hey Guys! Can you believe it's already October, officially fall and no longer summer?! I feel like it was just May and I had just graduated from my dietetic practicuum! Talk about livin' in the past, haha! This year has been a BIG year making this summer an even more meaningful summer than ever- I finished my dietetic practicuum, scored my dream job, visited Napa Valley and Chesapeake City, rode over 1,000 miles in my spin classes and even passed my RD board exam!! WOW! This summer, not only brought on a lot of achievements but it also brought a lot of nutrition highlights and food favorites, remember these?....
What was your most memorable moment this summer?

The summer always reminds me of light, nutrient-dense (lots of nutrients for little calories and volume), bright colored foods, that fill you up but don't leave you feeling bloated (hello, bathing suit season)! 
Even though the summer has come to an end, I find that in the fall/winter months I try to keep my weight in-check and really enforce my smart snacking tips/ tricks. Nothing is worse than packing on the pounds during the winter that you spent so long working off over the summer! Let's keep working toward our goals and motivate eachother to stay successful throughout these next couple of months. Smart Snacker can help you stay motivated...Let's do it!

Enjoy your weekend!

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