Wednesday, November 3, 2010

My Take on Cravings

Keep the questions comin'! I got a great question regarding cravings...should you or should you not allow yourself to give into a craving?

I love this question!!- especially because I am a Registered Dietitian and everyone thinks I will take their cake away, but seriously people...I'm only human and I need my cake [or sweets] too ; ) 

My weakness at the moment is the pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks! I'm not kidding when I say I think about it daaaaily! I know it's not reasonable (to the wallet and the waist line) to indulge in the creamy drink DAILY so I allow myself a weekly indulgence and if I can make it two weeks...even better!
Sometimes you've got to have something sweet [or salty] (whatever your vice may be) and of course I say, GO FOR IT because you know what? You don't do it daily (right!?!); it is a "treat" to yourself and you will probably (and when I say "probably," I mean you will) find time to burn/work it off; Whether it's taking the stairs a couple extra times that day, parking a little further from the office or doing an extra mile on the treadmill!?  Some how you'll even it all out and when discussing weight maintenance...that's whats key! Remember my birthday last year? I obviously didn't want to miss out on the Birthday Cake...that would just be so unhuman of me!

My Take on Cravings? So go on and eat what your craving because if you don''ll eat everything in sight. You'll do this in hopes of satisfying that craving and ultimately, do MORE damage than you would have if you just ate the [enter favorite "naughty food" here]!

So, go on...tell me what your craving...??

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  1. ice cream and french fries linndsss!!!