Saturday, October 16, 2010


I have this new found love for coupons. I have never been a "Coupon-clipper" but I am inheriting the habits of one. I am still an amateur at this sport but I feel like I may go pro soon ;) It sure does take some patience, organization and willpower! I would consider myself a rather organized gal, so I thought I would catch on quickly.

Coupons are great for:
  • Keeping your shopping list to a minimum (the essentials)
  • Saving money (obviously)
  • Buying your favorite things at inexpensive prices
  • A great way to treat yourself for things that you wouldn't otherwise buy full price (see below)!
  • Paper products (paper towels, toilet paper) who EVER wants to spend full price for that kind of junk?
So, now that I am a frequent "Coupon-clipper," I went ahead and used my newest Dunkin' Donuts coupon this past weekend. I was reaaaally excited about this one because buying special coffee drinks, to me,  is kind of like liquid motivation; I don't know what it is but I associate them with making my day "better" or "more productive!" HA! I guess, it's more like a "treat," ya know?

Anyway, I needed some liquid motivation as I was on my way to work on a Sunday morning (blah)....

That day [like most days] I thought I'd go with a decaf, skinny pumpkin spice latte ("Fall in a cup").

The outcome? A mix up in my order; first they made it with whole milk (ugh), then the wrong size, then they charged me too much (didn't use the coupon) and ultimately, a disappointing experience. The most disappointing part? the coffee tasted burnt and was not drinkable.

I am totally a Starbucks groupie (See here, here, and here)! Sadly enough, I don't know if I'll make it back to DD to use the rest of the coupons...I wish Sbux had coupons ; )

Have you ever had a bad experience at your coffee shop?

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  1. a couple of cool tips to save money at starbucks straight from coupons necessary :)